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What is an Insurance


Why Choose an

Insurance Broker?

In comparison to an insurance agent, the primary difference lies within whom each person will represent. An insurance agent represents the insurers from which the agent sells insurance contracts. The broker represents the buyer, or the client, looking for certain insurance contracts to fulfill their financial planning needs. 

How does it work?

Each client must go through a financial needs analysis which will provide key pieces of information that will be utilized to design the insurance contract. This can be done by the broker or any other financial professional the client is working with. This usually occurs once both the broker and client agree to work together, to create viable solutions for current and future needs of the client. 


GoldKey Life is a broker whose fiduciary duty is to represent its clients with excellence. We work alongside financial planners, advisors and other financial professionals to help curate optimal solutions for our clients. 

GoldKey Life’s principle advisor specializes in working with high net worth clients in providing solutions for business owners, families and professionals. Through a comprehensive process, a thorough plan is designed according to both your short and long-term goals and objectives to ensure they are achieved. 

With over 30 years of experience in the field of insurance and wealth management, GoldKey Life can support you with peace of mind knowing your financial security is our priority.


A broker is someone who acts in the fiduciary manner to negotiate and design insurance contracts for the clients they represent. They are compensated by commission for the products they utilize within the plan for their clients. They work hand in hand with financial planners,  advisors, and other financial professionals to curate the best solutions for their clients. 


  • Succession planning 

  • Business planning 

  • Includes corporate owned life insurance, IFA’s and IRP’s.

  • Estate planning and estate equalization

  • Charitable giving

  • Insurance planning

  • Life insurance 

  • Whole life insurance

  • Universal life insurance

  • Term and Mortgage Protection

  • Critical Illness 

  • Key person insurance 

  • Buy-sell protection 

  • Group Insurance 

  • Travel and Medical Insurance 

  • Super Visa 

  • Visitors to Canada Insurance

  • RESP, RRSP & Segregated Funds